JustFocus for iOS

Release notes

Requires iOS 10.0 or later.

v1.0.2 Released

Guangzhou—May, 04, 2018

FIXSend a request to Unsplash download endpoint according to the updated guidelines

v1.0.1 Released

Guangzhou—Apri, 17, 2018

NEWWhat's new in this version:

* Use long press gesture to save wallpaper when using devices that don't support 3D Touch
* Traditional Chinese language supported

FIXBug fix for not showing notifications when app entering background

v1.0 Released

Guangzhou—Apri, 13, 2018

NEWJust Focus - a clean and simple app to help you improve your productivity. It's now available on iOS and macOS.

* You can use standard Pomodoro timer, or customize for yourself
* Force to stay in Just Focus App (Screen lock is allowed), keep away from distraction by your phone
* Timer, sound effects, animation, fully customizable!
* Beautiful full-screen wallpaper design, non-distraction while using the app
* Statistics for daily timers, review your productive time