JustFocus for Mac

Release notes

Requires macOS 11.0 or later.


NEWNew option: postpone 1 minute on current break

FIXPreferences panel is now scrollable on small screens


FIXFixed the general tab height on the preferences panel for small screens


NEWNew option: no cancellation during the break

FIXBug fixes


FIXFixed a issue in which count down progress on the menu bar icon is not working

NEWAuto clean up wallpapers downloaded 3 days ago


NEWNew option to hide option popover when stopping the break

NEWNew option to filter all/work only timers on the stats window


FIXfixed an issue in which auto-started break may display blank background on macOS 11.15

FIXfixed an issue that caused desktop picture not working

FIXfixed an issue in which text on buttons are blurry

FIXfixed an issue in which popover buttons shows English on a Chinese system

FIXfixed some issues that I can remmeber exactly


Just Focus 2.0 is here!

NEWBrand new design of the whole app

NEWPomodoro progress on the menu bar icon

NEWMore customization options for the timers

NEWMore customization options for the break screen, including wallpaper optoins, quotes options

NEWAllow unlock with Apple Watch when passcode protection enabled

NEWNew options when stopping the break

NEWRemoved stop button from the break ended screen

NEWNo more second action after unlocked with Touch ID/Apple Watch

NEWUpgraded daily tasks storage module


v1.6.8 Released

Guangzhou—February, 25, 2021

FIXBring the "Use current screen" feature back.

v1.6.7 Released

Guangzhou—February, 23, 2019

FIXBug fixes.

v1.6.6 Released

Guangzhou—October, 23, 2021

FIXFixed a bug in wich HTML tags shows on the lock screen.

v1.6.5 Released

Guangzhou—October, 10, 2021

FIXFixed a bug in wich missing quotes on the lock screen.

v1.6.4 Released

Guangzhou—March, 19, 2019

FIXFixed a bug in wich duplicated tasks showing on Statistics window.

v1.6.3 Released

Guangzhou—March, 15, 2019

FIXFixed a crash when opening stat view while sitll couning down

v1.6.2 Released

Guangzhou—March, 13, 2019

NEWDark mode supported

FIXBug fixes

v1.6.1 Released

Guangzhou—April, 9, 2018

FIXBug fixes related to broken wallpaper images

v1.6.0 Released

Guangzhou—March, 25, 2018

NEWWhat's new in this version:

* Global shortcuts supported.
* Chinese language supported.

v1.5.1 Released

Guangzhou—March, 23, 2018

FIXFixed a crash on macOS 10.11

v1.5.0 Released

Guangzhou—March, 20, 2018

NEWWhat's new in this version:

* Now you can launch JustFocus at login.
* Bug fixes and performance improvements.

v1.4.0 Released

Guangzhou—March, 16, 2018

NEWWhat's new in this version:

* You can use your Touch ID to unlock now!
* Keyboard shortcuts supported.
* TouchBar supported.
* Bug fixes and performance improvements.

v1.3.4 Released

Guangzhou—January, 5, 2017

NEWWhat's new in this version:

* AppleScript supported. You can find the built-in Alfred workflow in the advanced preferences panel.

v1.3.3 Released

Guangzhou—October, 21, 2016

FIXBug fixes.

v1.3.2 Released

Guangzhou—October, 20, 2016

NEWWhat's new in this version:

* Upgraded to Swift 3.0!
* Auto starts Pomodoro timer when the app launches

FIXBug fixes:

* Quotes are getting cut-off if the sentences are too long.
* Sometimes fails to read images from Unsplash.com.

v1.3.1 Released

Guangzhou—September, 13, 2016

NEWWhat's new in this version:

* Send us feedbacks and rate us on the App Store

FIXBug fixes:

* Crash fixes when getting desktop picture
* Quote mispositioned when showing passcode
* Decode quote author string before showing on the screen

v1.3 Released

Guangzhou—September, 11, 2016

NEWWhat's new in this version:

* Show great quotes from quotesondesign.com instead of just showing "Take a break" on your rest screen
* Play notification sound effect when reset timer ends
* Background images now fits all your displays, including rotated 90° displays.

FIXBug fixes:

* Won't autofocus on @MapleShadow link on about window any more
* Library window showing empty list for open sources
* Buttons mispositioned on macOS Sierra

v1.2.1 Released

Guangzhou—August, 21, 2016

FIXBug fixes:

* Forbid resizing and moving with shortcuts (like BetterTouchTool)

UIUI Tweaks:

* Stop and next timer buttons updates
* About window UI updates

v1.2 Released

Guangzhou—August, 20, 2016

NEWWhat's new in this version:

* Now your can use passcode to protect your screen when you are not at your desk!
* Improvement for wallpaper shuffle algorithm

FIXBug fixes:

* Fixed a bug causing Just Focus not working with third display

UIUI Tweaks:
* Stop and next timer buttons updates
* Show wallpapers on all displays

v1.1.1 Released

Guangzhou—August, 17, 2016

FIXBug fixes:

* Crashes when to click Open Sources link
* View mispositioned on prefer window
* App name hardcoded on app quiting alert

UIUI Tweaks:
* Number on label should be changing while dragging slider
* Smaller matric marks for timer settings

v1.1 Released

Guangzhou—August, 15, 2016

NEWWhat's new in this version:

* Now you can use awesome wallpapers as full screen background!
* Wallpapers will be auto-refreshed every 24 hours!
* List out all open source libraries on about window, thanks to these great projects!
* Tasks on statistics window should be sorted by started time

v1.0.1 Released

Guangzhou—August, 12, 2016

FIXBug fixes:

* Statistics window should not be resizable
* Should show current date on statistics window
* Always fail to set custom timer

UIUI Tweaks:
* Menubar icon updated

v1.0 Released

Guangzhou—August, 11, 2016

NEWJustFocus is a simple rest reminder; it will remind you when you keep working for too long, help you to stay healthy and regain your focus, keep your productivity!

* Beautifully full-screen view, blocking all mouse and keyboard events to help you take a real break
* You can use standard Pomodoro timer, or customize for yourself
* Statistics for daily timers, review your productive time
* Notification 1 minute before the timer fired, prepare for a break
* Multiple displays supported